Nell & Domingo Politi
French / Argentinian duo working and living in Provence south of France. Nell and Domingo met at art school in Buenos Aires and have been collaborating ever since.
They have exhibited extensively in Paris and the rest of France. Works have been commissioned by French Vogue, USA Vogue and the French Ministry of Agriculture.Their work brings a technical mastery to produce works of sublime beauty and hypnotic fascination.
  Sonia Watson
London based potter, says of her herself: My work is largely hand-built. Coiling has always been my preferred technique because of its versatility and complete tactile involvement.

For many years I have been inspired by contrasts. Using masking techniques with matt black glaze against smooth red earthenware clay gives bold effects reminiscent of both African and Greek forms. Barium blues have added a further striking contrast.
Click to enlarge image   Peter Moore
British artist born in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and long-time resident of London. He studied at the Slade in London, but his time at Newcastle Art School working with Richard Hamilton and Victor Pasmore was the more formative experience.
Peter's work reflects a life-long interest in the ancient and mediaeval worlds. Many of his paintings are inspired by ancient Roman and modern graffiti with a pithy counter-point provided by reflections on his own daily life in East London.
Wendy Young Poetry   Wendy Young
London based poet and performer - "Misery with Oomph!".
Ian Gordon   Ian Gordon
Late London based Scottish Artist.
Terry Miles   Terry Miles
London based Artist, Photographer, Writer.
Click to enlarge image   Lilo Fromm
Born in Berlin in 1928, she spent her childhood there, in East Prussia and on the North Sea coast. She studied at the Art Academies of Freiburg/Breisgau, Munich and Hamburg.
In 1957 she published her first book, and now has 255 published works, which have been translated into 22 languages.
Lilo's paintings are now inspired by her magical home and surroundings overlooking the Dentelles de Montmirail in Provence, south of France.
  Begoňa Uriarte
Basque artist born in Mondragón Guipuzkoa, now lives in Barcelona. Studied in Paris and worked for several years at Carrara in Italy with marble from the quarries.

Primarily a sculptor, she has had many public commissions in Spain; was the representative of Guernika for the "Peace Pavement" in Canterbury UK; had a commission at the Chiri-San National Park in South Korea.

More recently she has made sculptures with glass, found objects and has produced graphic works.
Click to enlarge image   Jason Hartcup
Went to St. Martin’s School of Art, London from 1974-1977. Jason and partner Victoria now live in Melbourne with their two sons. Having shown his work extensively and lectured at The Victorian College of the Arts, his orientation nowadays is to his studio situated in beautiful countryside within easy reach of the city.
Click to enlarge image   Tristram Drew
Born in 1970 in UK, studied at Kent Institute of Art & Design, now lives with his wife and daughter in Brooklyn, NY, USA.
His latest series of work is evocative figurative painting, embracing the theatrics of light and colour. Orchestrating visual play via composition and staged still motion. Dramatizing the banal and trivial objects and space that surround our daily lives.
Click to enlarge image   George Little
Born in West London of anglo-danish parents. His studies at Kingston & Brighton Universities currently working towards an MA at the Royal College of Art.
  Eitan Portnoy
The paintings of Eitan Amir draw much of their inspiration from Byzantine mosaics and icons, Persian miniatures, and arabesques. He is the wandering raconteur, weaving together different epochs and religions; creating contemporary images whose symbols and characters are plucked from ancient myths and legends, and the stories of the bible.

His paintings create contemporary images with symbols and characters from ancient myths, legends and stories from the Bible. Their inspiration is Byzantine mosaics and icons, Persian miniatures and Arabesques.

Tania Askar
Photo-collage portraits by London based artist.

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